About Haussman productS

The Foundation and the roofing are two most important elements of any building. The roofing must not only protect of the foul weather, but also create the comfortable house aura. Many of our customers, occupied in construction industry, choose for their own houses precisely this copper shingle Haussmann.

The roofing plays a pivotal role by the creation of an exclusionary hose design. The architects give preference to the high-technology materials, capable to realize any of the most challenging idea.

The copper shingle Haussmann – the particular combination of highest production quality, technological advantages and classical style. Haussman – is the truly selected roofing. The roofing copper of shingle will be covered with patina through the years and will be even more esthetical.

The Haussman products are free from disadvantages of its predecessors. The roofing Haussmann is created with regard to innovative technology and guarantees its longstanding maintenance free operation.

The real copper surface
Shingles are plated with high quality copper

Haussman does not compromise quality and therefore uses 99.99% pure metal for shingles visual surface plating, thus ensuring a maximum roof lifespan.

Quiet and comfort
Resilient and comfortable in rough weather

The special structure of Haussman roofing shingles deadens the sound of rain and hail. You will feel comfortable relaxing in a garret in nasty weather.

Reliable exploitation in hot regions

The compound SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) used in production of Haussman shingle – high-elasticity polymer (synthetic rubber), maximally thermostabilizes roof tile to minimum +110 °С, that far exceeds the requirements of established standard EN 544 (+ 90 °С). This caracteristic is very important for south areas, where the roof shingle temperature in the sun could reach +100 °С. The roofing Haussman maintains elasticity even at extremely low teperatures, and intensified reinforcement layer of fibre glass ensures reliability.


Haussman roofing also retains its elasticity even if exposed to extreme low temperatures, and a heavy-duty reinforced fibreglass layer ensures its strength.

Condensate defeated
Complete condensate elimination

Haussman has resolved the major issue of the classical copper roofing – condensate accumulation in the under roof space. The special roofing shingles structure prevents condensate generation even with significant temperature drops and high moisture levels.

Fast roofing
Easy and fast installation all the year round

Installation of copper roofing does not require special equipment and tools. Haussman shingles are ready-to-use. Roofing installation is possible at temperatures as low as -10°С.